Once a place to save your favorite food experiences.
Now shutdown. :(

Check out www.youate.com for our new non-judgemental, NO calorie counting, easy to use food diary.

For people who love to eat, Foodnotes attempted to create a place to focus on food. It was a place to document, organize and share food you enjoyed, what you wanted to remember, and what you wanted to try. Although we came close to creating this place, it never truly materialized. Now, as the team has moved on, we hate to see it out there withouth a true owner, so we decided to shut it down.
It was an amazing experience for us and hopefully to many of our users. We learned a lot over the past few years about not only our users, building a company, but also about healthy eating.
That is one of the reason why some of us decided to work on something new. Something that combines food with are desire to live a healthier life.
We call it YouAte and its the easiest food journal out there to help you track what you ate. We stayed away from counting calories and focused instead on allowing you to track your meals with photos placed on a timeline. Its guilt free and fits easily into your life.
Take a look at www.youate.com